Digital Incubation

Building your business for tomorrow

Digital-enabled products and services already have some impact on your top and bottom line. But you struggle identifying the top opportunities for your company’s future?

Being successful in digital requires not only a unique offering but the right mindset, the right team and an agile product management. We help identify the right ideas, drive partnerships, build digital products and businesses and bring them to life at startup speed.

Our Services

Insights and Innovation

Big data tools and social media analytics are fundamental to creating superior consumer insights; we support our clients in identifying and translating them into new product ideas and first MVPs - much faster and with less risk than traditional innovation management processes. We answer the following questions:

  • Where exactly shall we compete in the digital arena and what are our key assets and capabilities to do so?
  • Can we extract unseen insights from all our existing data by utilizing modern data analytics?
  • From the wealth of information we have, how do we identify valuable product or services opportunities?
  • How can we learn to fail much faster and avoid losing investments?

Agile Product Development

Turn your ideas quickly into sustainable and new business streams. By using lean startup tools and agile product management we enable our clients to constantly interact with customers, co-create products and avoid costly failures. We answer the following questions:

  • What are the key work methods, roles and responsibilities to develop agile?
  • How can we achieve strong product ownership within our current organization after the launch of new digital services and communications?
  • What are the necessary testing routines and KPIs to ensure quick reviews?
  • How can we scale agile development across our whole organization?

Business Incubation

Increased business agility needs to be supported by appropriate technology platforms and organizational structures. We support brands in building their own incubators or acceleration teams with know-how, resources and mentors. Our teams ensure that your digital endeavours become the springboard for change from within. We answer the following questions:

  • Inside or outside the organization? What is the best environment to ensure quick wins in digital but still drive the transformation inside?
  • What are the success factors in building our own accelerator or incubator program?
  • How can we balance technology compliance and agility in our digital business?
  • What are the right partners to speed up development and launch processes and ensure traction for new services?

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